Welcome to Nakatsukuni Onsen! / by Derrick Fields


Is the name too long for you? Naka Onsen is okay with us!

If that name sounds familiar to you, it is because Nakatsukuni comes from the Kojiki. For those not familiar, the Kojiki, or "Record of Ancient Matters", is considered one of the oldest existing chronicles to Japan and details the origin of its four main islands. It is also maintained to be the origin of Japan's Kami (deities). Nakatsukuni essentially means "middle-earth" and exists between Takamagahara (heaven, basically) and Yomi (the underworld). But we will get to things like that another time.

The Kojiki has been a key influence for Onsen Master and I often reference it. It can be a challenge to interpret at times, because most English interpretations break the names down to their literal meanings (and I can't stand that). We’re still prototyping so keep your eye's peeled for more posts as we dive deeper into development.