Restore the Balance / by Derrick Fields

Concept art by Sarah Gavagan

This week I wanted to take a second to talk about balance. One of the key elements to Onsen Master is once again bringing a balance between the humans and yokai that exist in the town. Before their disappearance, Naka Onsen was ran by Mu's sensei and it was the core to what brought harmony between the human and spirit realm. Visiting the onsen meant ridding yourself of worry or pain. It was a chance to relax and bask in the harmony with those around you-- worldly and otherworldly. When Mu's sensei vanished things began to fall in disarray. Not only was the owner to Naka Onsen missing, but something deep in its core was just... gone. Shortly after, the building began to fall apart, employees lost their will to work, and patrons started to fade away. Worst of all the humans and yokai started to become hostile with one another, getting so bad that the yokai left the human realm entirely.

What could have happened to start all of this and how is Mu going to restore it?