onsen master

Small Update Before the Holidays by Derrick Fields

So the Onsen Master Team will be at MAGFest.

If you happen to be there, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to know where to find us and say “hello”! We’ll be hanging from Jan 2 - 7.

We’ve Got Some New Assets on the Way!

I’ve been hustling to get the incomplete mixing station that some of you saw in our last build finished. Well, it’s finally done and ready to be placed in a new version of our alpha build as we creep toward making a demo. Have a look!

Mixing Station

Mixing Station

Gameplay: New Animations Added Into Unity by Derrick Fields

I would've have posted sooner, but had been in fist-to-cuffs with Maya LT all week. But FINALLY, we got Mu's new animations working correctly in Unity. There are some tweaks that I would eventually like to make later, but this is a win for now. 

We also have an updated inventory system, where we've now included a hotbar for easy access to a small allotment of ingredients. It really assisted with the gameplay and flow (pun intended) of movement from bath to bath. 

As June 23rd approaches for the Chicago Japanese Matsuri, we're going to try and load Onsen Master up with as many great features as we can. Hoping to have a really successful first public test.

That's all for now! 



Gameplay: We've Got Some New Mechanics! by Derrick Fields

Hey everyone!

Since our last update, we've received some critical feedback that has helped us address the core mechanics of Onsen Master. It's shaping up nicely and we wanted to share some of that with you.

The driving point to Onsen Master is customer management. As Mu, you are tasked with organizing your patrons into fresh hot spring baths, based on their ailments. Once sorted, you must then retrieve an ingredient that would alleviate their symptoms and add it to their water. Sounds simple, right? Well, it's certainly meant to start that way but once you begin to receive more variant customers the game will begin to challenge you on your organization and memory.

 See for yourself (and please excuse our early UI and lack of animations)


Digital Pen Pushing: Izajima Concept Art by Derrick Fields

Concept art by Derrick Fields

Welcome to Izajima! The island in which Naka-Onsen and Mu are located. 

Izajima is a small island comprised of two main provinces-- Nagi and Nami. Each province and its inhabitants are guarded by their very own mountains, aptly named Nagiyama and Namiyama. If you look closely you will find Naka-Onsen on the left, sitting just under the peak of Nagiyama. 

A Look Back: Onsen then and Onsen Now by Derrick Fields

This game has changed... a lot!

I went back to take a look at some of the early designs to Onsen Master and found some really fun takes on what the onsen was going to be like from 2014 to now. Although there are still more changes to come, it's fun to see how much progress has been made.

Have a look at these design iterations